Sorry, but the Pre-Order has closed.

See the work in progress page for the first run HERE.


Limited to 20 pieces, first come, first served.

I won't accept a down payment, as that's not how I work, but I might publicly badmouth you and will definitely put you on the Banned list if you say you want one, then back out. So, be sure before you speak up.


Base price is $175 this time around.
That will probably adjust upwards if I do a third run of these.
You cover shipping, and PayPal fees if you use them.
$5 for a nice, padded, zippered, "Fellhoelter" case if you want one.
No Dealer Discounts.

4-1/8" Overall Length, Open
2-5/16" Length Closed
1-1/2" Cutting edge
1.8" Blade length
1/8" Stonewashed CPM154
Approximately 3/8" thick

I am going to offer 10 different handle materials, and a couple of them will cost more money.
You can also "Mix 'n Match" handle materials for an additional $20.
Example, 1 titanium Scale, and 1 Carbon Fiber Scale...

Handle materials are as follows.

  1. Titanium

  2. Textured Titianium +$40

  3. Carbon Fiber

  4. Textured Carbon Fiber

  5. Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber +$40

  6. Textured Orange G10

  7. Tweety Bird Yellow G10

  8. Pink G10

  9. Olive Drab G10

  10. Brass

Click the button to contact me, and order your own.
Delivery planned for between Independence Day, and Labor Day, 2011.
These will be ready for delivery at G3 in Vegas Labor Day weekend

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The Textured Titanium is a flat knurl on the surface, very much like the "Peel Ply" surface of the Textured Carbon Fiber.

Here's a drawing of the knife open, and closed.

And here are some shots of the first batch.


Running Tally

  1. Carbon Fiber

  2. Brass

  3. Brass

  4. Textured Orange

  5. Carbon Fiber

  6. Titanium

  7. Titanium

  8. Carbon Fiber

  9. Textured Carbon Fiber

  10. Titanium

  11. Orange

  12. Titanium

  13. Titanium

  14. Green

  15. Lightning Strike

  16. Green

  17. Titanium

  18. Lightning Strike

  19. Carbon Fiber

  20. Carbon Fiber




Copyright 2006 Brian Fellhoelter